DTU Collaborates with Dong-A University in Korea for Hospitality Master’s Degree

On November 9, in Danang, DTU and Dong-A University signed an agreement to offer a joint Master’s degree program in Hospitality.

 Ð?i h?c Duy Tân h?p tác v?i ÐH Dong – A (Hàn Qu?c) Ðào t?o Th?c si Du l?ch

Representatives of DTU and Dong-A University at the signing ceremony

The program will be taught at DTU entirely in English, for four semesters, with 26 credits. Lecturers from both universities will teach, and supervise the graduation theses to prepare highly-qualified professionals for local Hospitality businesses or as new university lecturers in Central Vietnam, to lead in the development of advanced Hospitality education programs to meet the ever-increasing demand for workers, nationwide and internationally.

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