The 2+2 Study-Abroad Programs with Canadian and American Universities

Since 2012, DTU has partnered with some of the world’s leading universities, including Appalachian State University, Purdue University Northwest and Cape Breton University, to offer affordable dual-degree programs. 

Du h?c M?, Canada qua Chuong trình 2+2 DTU collaborates with American universities for overseas study

DTU students spend their first two years at DTU focusing on English, general subjects and basic special courses. They then transfer to America or Canada to complete the final two years and gain a Bachelor’s degree from the partner university.

With Appalachian State University in America

When choosing a university for overseas studies, the first priorities are training quality and a state-of-the-art, dynamic study environment. Also important are the weather and geographic location, for ease of living and motivation. 

Appalachian State University is in Boone, North Carolina, an ideal location, with a temperate climate and breathtaking scenery. Summer fluctuates between 28°C and 30°C, down to 10°C in winter, temperatures that Vietnamese students can live with. Appalachian State is one of 16 universities in the University of North Carolina system, ranked among the top ten regional universities in the southern US and the 7th most popular out of 592 for students. The university currently has a population of 19,000 and offers 140 undergraduate and postgraduate majors. 

 Du h?c M?, Canada qua Chuong trình 2+2 

ASU is ranked among the top ten regional universities in the southern US


The ASU 2+2 program offers a variety of majors, in IT, Architecture, Construction, Electrical Engineering, Business Administration and Accounting.  In the final two years, tuition fees are $19,500 per year and living expenses $8,000 to $12,000 per year, including food, housing, transportation, medical insurance and entertainment. Students can work in part time jobs or internships on-campus for experience.  


With Purdue University, ranked 6th in Technology studies in America

DTU partners with Purdue University in Calumet to offer the 2+2 dual-degree programs in Accounting, Finance, Information Management System, Business Administration, Marketing, Human Resource Management, IT and Hospitality & Tourism & Hospitality Management. The public Purdue University system is internationally recognized, with 9,500 students, including 800 from 40 foreign countries. The modern and convenient University Village is the student residential area. 

 Du h?c M?, Canada qua Chuong trình 2+2

 Dang Van Loi (in blue, above), Huynh Thi Hoai Ngan (middle, above, left) and Phung Nhat Hoang (right) are DTU students of the 2+2 Articulation Program

DTU first partnered with Purdue University in 2017 to offer 2+2 degree programs, including Accounting, Finance, Information System Management, Business Administration, Marketing, Human Resources Management, IT and Hospitality & Tourism. The final two-year tuition cost is $17,367 per year and living expenses $12,000 per year, including food, housing, transportation and insurance. Graduates can apply for scholarships to continue studying for advanced degrees in the US, with many excellent career opportunities there.  

With Cape Breton University in Canada

Cape Breton University is a public degree-granting institution, located on the beautiful Cape Breton Island, in the province of Nova Scotia, in Canada.  CBU is home to 5,500 students, including 1,000 from 40 foreign countries. The four CBU faculties are Arts and Social Sciences, Education & Health, Science and Technology and the Shannon School of Business and CBU has been ranked first in Canada in comprehensive education quality. In the CBU 2+2-degree program, students can enroll in Accounting & Auditing, Finance & Banking, Business Administration or Engineering.  Applicants must have an IELTS score of 6.5 or more. 

Tuition is CA$15,600 for those who register for 10 subjects for two semesters, with living expenses of CA$12,000, including food, housing, transportation and insurance. Cape Breton University also offers CA$ 1.8 million in scholarships each year and, like DTU, holds an annual Job Fair to broaden career opportunities. Foreign graduates are allowed to stay in Canada to work for 3 years and can then apply for permanent residence if necessary. 

For further information about DTU 2+2 Study-Abroad program, see here.

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