DTU Students Awarded Troy University and Keuka College Degrees in Danang

On January 30, DTU held a graduation ceremony for 19 new Troy University and Keuka College graduates, nine in Business Administration from Keuka and ten in Computer Science from Troy, recognizing their hard four years of study at DTU.

In December 2014, DTU launched four-year degree programs with Troy University, in Computer Science,  and Keuka College, in Business Administration, to award Danang-based Bachelor and Engineering graduates with American-standard degrees. The courses are taught entirely in English, 70% by professors from the two American universities and the rest by Vietnamese and other foreign lecturers from DTU. Over six years, the programs have graduated 42 students, realizing the students’ ambitions of receiving an internationally-recognized education with optimal tuition fees. 
Trao b?ng T?t nghi?p cho Sinh viên theo h?c Chuong trình h?c L?y b?ng Ð?i h?c Troy và Ð?i h?c Keuka t?i Ðà N?ng 
Associate Professor Dr. Gary Giss, Dean of International Programs in Asia, awards graduate certificates to DTU student 

Troy University was founded 130 years ago and has 100,000 alumni. In addition to 4 big campuses in the state of Alabama, the university also has 60 other campuses in 17 states in the US and 11 other countries, including Vietnam and Malaysia.

Keuka College, in New York state, received its regional Mid-State higher education accreditation in recognition of its comprehensive high-quality programs, taught by highly experienced lecturers. They consist of 31 Bachelor, 9 Master and one PhD degree program. The university is best-known for its education in Management, Nursing, Criminal Justice and Social Work. 

DTU Associate Professor Gary Giss said: “After hard study, graduation is one of the most important and most awaited moments in our lives. For parents, lecturers and the university, the greatest joy is watching their youngsters growing up. This graduation ceremony marks an end, but also a beginning of new hopes and a continuing journey of adventures and experiences in your chosen careers, employing the knowledge and skills you acquired in the classroom. On behalf of the Troy University and Keuka College lecturers in Danang, I wish you all great success in your careers and lives. We know that you’ll use the knowledge, experience and talent to serve yourselves, your families, Vietnam and the world.”
Trao b?ng T?t nghi?p cho Sinh viên theo h?c Chuong trình h?c L?y b?ng Ð?i h?c Troy và Ð?i h?c Keuka t?i Ðà N?ng
 New graduates 

Tran Cong Minh, a new Computer Science graduate said: “I remember 5 years ago when I was very hesitant about enrolling in the ADP program at DTU, because my Englsih was so poor. I kept asking myself how I could study in English, how I could obtain an international IELTS certificate and how I could pass the final exams. My mother encouraged me to enroll in the ADP Computer Science program with Troy University and that was one of the most important decisions in my life so far. The four years were very precious for all of us, we were able to learn, develop new skills, discover new things about ourselves, experience hands-on activities, and face new opportunities and challenges. We are here to share the joy with each other on this memorable day and I especially want to thank my parents, who continually helped me to concentrate on studying and face the future with confidence. On behalf of the new graduates, I want to express our deep gratitude to our dedicated and experienced lecturers for their enthusiastic support over the past four years.”

“Dear friends, let’s celebrate our hard work at DTU and look forward to the future. I wish that you will be confident enough to overcome all the obstacles and challenges on the road ahead. Continue to work hard for even better results in the future. Believe in yourselves, embrace your dreams, always think positively and  go out and conquer the world!” 

Graduates of the Troy and Keuka College programs can look forward to high-quality degrees, enhanced cultural and career opportunities prospects and will become global citizens of the world.

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