The Duy Tan University logo was designed more than 10 years ago by the famous artist, Buu Chi. It symbolizes an open book in the hands of the reader, representing the importance of knowledge in all societies.

On closer observation, we can see that the logo was drawn with a single, infinite brush-stroke, resembling waves in a heavy sea. The logo symbolizes the famous words of our founder and President, Duy Tan President Le Cong Co, who says: “We Must Study Forever!” Its design suggests that educational accomplishment is often achieved through sweat, tears and even blood.

President Le Cong Co’s wartime experiences were documented by the influential writer, Nguyen Khac Phuc in his best-selling novel “Learning Through Blood”. Interestingly, our logo embodies a feature of traditional Vietnamese culture, in this case the square-shaped seal of ancient Vietnamese dynasties. The Duy Tan University logo exemplifies the desire to “innovate” or to “recreate” the Vietnamese educational system, despite the bureaucratic obstacles and outdated teaching methods we have inherited