In the early days of Duy Tan University, staff members and others often referred to the school as “The Stork”.  For others the stork reflected the humility and hardship of the early days of the first private university in Central Vietnam. And for some it represented the hardworking character of the DTU faculty and staff, or, even more uniquely, a few others compared it to the “Little Stork”, the nickname given to President Le Cong Co by his comrades during the Vietnam War.

Whatever meaning it may have, the stork has always been a beautiful symbol of Vietnamese culture. The stork is often featured in Vietnamese folk songs, such as “Con cò lặn lội bờ ao"”, “Con cò bay lả bay la” and “Co bay thẳng cánh”. Its image is also associated with that of the kind, honest and diligent Vietnamese workers, typified by the farmers of Central Vietnam.

Even though the stork has been part of Duy Tan University tradition for many years, it only became our official mascot in 2006. Mr. Le Nguyen Bao, our Vice Rector, suggested that we should use it to inspire teamwork and enthusiasm at DTU sporting events and academic competitions. The mascot design was then sketched by Mr. Le Nguyen Bao and completed by the school artist, Le Minh Quan, in just two days. The slogan associated with the mascot is: “Go Stork!” In 1999, the famous artist Thuan Yen, father of the singer Than Lam, came to Duy Tan University and was inspired by the scenery and sentiment of Danang. He composed “Duy Tan - An Intimate Song” and dedicated it to Duy Tan University.