Professional Development

In addition to working and teaching at DTU, lecturers welcome to participate in various other activities, such as:
Workshops & Conferences

Duy Tan University is committed to the acquisition, retention, and development of a first-class workforce. This includes the delivery and evaluation of workshops and conferences designed to offer professional educational opportunities and to enhance teaching expertise and the appreciation for lifelong development. Our programs include leadership initiatives, conflict management training, and performance evaluation.
Mentoring, coaching, and networking at DTU
Lecturers facilitate learning from others. People who want to connect with others will find themselves positioned to access experts, to share their experience and to seek expert advice.
External activities
Outdoor activities are available to all lectures, including charity work, blood donation, and  giving assistance underprivileged children and unfortunate  people, the English Club, and entertainment organized by the Trade Union and the Youth Union, such as musical performances and sports activities.