Full-time, permanent lecturers and staff will be offered a comprehensive benefits package, including health insurance, public holidays and vacations, as well as sick leave and annual leave.

1.    Health Insurance:

2.   Holidays & Leave:

Sick Leave: 

·         All leave and time off must be reported

·         Appropriate approvals must be obtained.

·         No accrued sick leave hours are available for temporary hourly employees, faculty, or exempt employees.

Annual Leave:

According to Vietnamese Labor Laws, permanent lecturers and staff will have 15 days off with pay.

Vacation Leave:
3.    Holiday Schedule:


English Name


January 1

New Year's Day


Last day of the last lunar month - 3rd day of the first lunar month

Tết (Vietnamese New Year)

Biggest holiday of the year, occurs around late January-early February

10th day of the 3rd lunar month

King Hung’s Commemoration

New holiday since 2007, around April (adopted by the government on March 28, 2007)

April 30

Liberation Day/Reunification Day

Commemorating the Fall of Saigon and reunification of Vietnam in 1975

May 1

International Workers' Day


September 2

National Day

Vietnam declares its independence, forming the Social Republic of Vietnam



English name

February 3

Communist Party of Vietnam Foundation Anniversary

March 8

International Women's Day

May 19

President Ho Chi Minh's Birthday

June 1

International Children's Day

June 28

Vietnamese Family Day

July 27

Remembrance Day (Day for Martyrs and Wounded Soldiers)

August 19

August Revolution Commemoration Day

October 10

Capital Liberation Day

October 20

Vietnamese Women's Day

November 20

Teacher's Day

December 22

National Defense Day (People's Army of Vietnam Foundation Anniversary)

December 25

Christmas Day

15/1 (lunar)

Lantern Festival (Full moon of the 1st month)

15/4 (lunar)

Buddha's Birthday

5/5 (lunar)

Mid-year Festival

15/7 (lunar)

Ghost Festival

15/8 (lunar)

Mid-Autumn Festival

23/12 (lunar)

Kitchen guardians