DTU and the Community

In recent years, the policy of socialization in education by the Government has made some changes in our domestic education.  Duy Tan University is very proud to be one of the very few universities which are honored to be trusted by the society.  Since its establishment in 1994, with the tremendous efforts in education and training, Duy Tan University has built up for itself a reliable brand name for parents, students, enterprise community, authorities as well as overseas friends.
The honors of parents to Duy Tan University are showed in the increasing number of applicants for admission at Duy Tan University. With 919 students attending at 4 faculties in the first course (1995-1996), until now the student population has up to 15,000 students. This is such an impressive number that can be compared with the number of the other regional universities.

Following the teaching method basing on practical experience, Duy Tan University has been given many honors from the enterprise community. There are about 80% of the graduates got stable jobs. According to a survey in 2008 among 172 enterprises of Danang City and Quang Binh Province, there are 469 alumni of Duy Tan University work for 117 enterprises such as: AgriBank in Danang, Truong Tien Loi Ltd. Company, Bac My An Tourist Company.  

The enterprise community often gives a high appreciation on the abilities and skills of DTU’s students and is willing to employ them after graduation. The 3 big companies that committed to accept 100% students of Software Technology and Information System are: the Joint-stock Digital Telecommunication Technology Company DTT (Hanoi), the Vietnamese Technology Resources Ltd. Company, Enclave (Danang). 

Besides, Duy Tan University also gets the honors from the Ministry of Education and Training through the approval to expand the academic programs with various fields of training. Especially, since 2009-2010 academic year, Duy Tan University is allowed to provide curriculum at postgraduate degree for Business Administration and Information Technology. This proves that Duy Tan’s brand name has steadily confirmed its reputation in the national education system.

This honor could also be seen through the international relations with many famous Universities around the world such as : Seattle Pacific (USA), Carnegie Mellon, Washington, Cornell, Polytechnic Singapore. In the coming academic year, Duy Tan University is ready to welcome about 100 international students studying at the university.

It is the honors of parents, students, enterprise community and world wide partners that help Duy Tan University to maintain its sustainable development to rise up to the new heights.

It also creates thousands of services for people living around its campuses like: books and newspapers, food and drinks, accommodations, etc. This has helped the local authority in finding the solutions for the unemployment of the city. Duy Tan University always remember to fulfills its obligation to pay taxes to the Government every year with the total amount of more than 14 billions VND.

One of the primary cares of Duy Tan University is social work. The University volunteers to provide priority policies to students who are the children of families of war martyrs and invalids, the poor, families of ethnic minority in remote areas, etc. Annually, Duy Tan University also offers scholarships to poor students in Central Vietnam for having good results in their academic study. Recently, the University associated with Polytechnics Singapore College in building a reading room for children in Hope Village of Danang City. Besides their study, Duy Tan University’s students also participate actively in other extra- curricular activities offered by the University such as : “The Green Summer Campaign”, “ Humanitarian Blood Donation”, etc.