DTU Offers a New PhD Program in Computer Science

DTU was formally approved by MOET to offer a PhD program in Computer Science on July 5th. DTU is the first private university nationwide to be approved by MOET to offer PhD programs in Business Administration and Computer Science.

DTU has been Bachelor’s degrees for nineteen years now and the past four years offering Master’s in Computer Science, in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), one of the leading four American universities in Computer Science.

The opening ceremony of the Master’s program in Computer Science and Business Administration
The overwhelming popularity and expansion of the use of computers and the internet has broadly influenced on the development in all areas, including national policy, economics, culture, social security and national defense. This has accelerated Computer Science training as a key requirement in every country. Computer Science has played an important part in national security as the protection of information security has become more complex. Since its early days, DTU has given priority to investment of Computer Science education and has gained significant results so far.
Increasing the knowledge and qualifications of its graduates and actively integrating into scientific and technological development internationally are the objectives of the new DTU Computer Science PhD program. DTU has therefore designed a special academic program, based on international programs, which researches key areas of study, such as Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing and Identification, Communications, Computer Networks, Information Security, Software Testing and so on.
Seminars on optional special subjects will be scheduled frequently during the course to provide PhD students the chance to meet and share the knowledge and experience with outstanding leaders in the field of Computer Science. Well-equipped laboratories have been constructed for PhD students to conduct their studies and research. For example, each postgraduate will be provided with a private account to access vital tools such as IEEE/IEL, IOP, Proquest, AIP/APS, Springer Link, the Web of Science and so on.
 Dr. Le Nguyen Bao presented Graduation Certificates
Associate Professor Le Duc Toan, Dean of the DTU Graduate School said: “To provide the international quality the DTU PhD program in Computer Science is based on that of Carnegie Mellon University. As well as studying under the guidance of a staff of highly-qualified lecturers, postgraduates are taught how to prepare their theses by both local and American professors. DTU will also allow PhD students to take part in national and international seminars, so that they will be prepared to publish at least one article in either on the SSCI or ISI magazine, in addition to presenting at international scientific conferences before graduation.”
By striving to raise the quality of its PhD program to the level of other Asian countries in the region and also to improve its reputation as a university that offers Master’s programs, DTU has taken innovative and meaningful steps to improve its standard of education. Hopefully, with the advanced programs of Carnegie Mellon University and the dedication of its best lecturers, the PhD Computer Science program will provide the region with highly-skilled experts, who will contribute to the expansion of the most advanced science and technology in Vietnam.

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