DTU Celebrates the Award of another MOET Emulation Banner

On July 14th, the last day of the academic year, DTU was honored to be the only private university nationwide to receive an Emulation Banner from MOET. The DTU staff, lecturers, students and Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co - DTU President, were overjoyed with excitement and took pride in the significant awards won by students during 2012-2013, both nationally and internationally. DTU is always determined to continue to internationalize and, at the same time, to contribute to the development of the Vietnam’s education system.
Distinguished teacher Le Cong Co receives the MOET Emulation Banner
This is the third year in a row that DTU has received a MOET Emulation Banner after becoming the first and only private university to receive this award because of its significant accomplishments in the 2011-2012 academic year.
Professor Dr. Bui Van Ga, Deputy-Secretary of MOET said:“I congratulate DTU on your sustained achievements. We highly appreciate your successful educational strategy of expanding international partnerships, enhancing scientific research and pioneering post-graduate training in private universities. By providing high-quality teachers and education over the past 19 years of development, DTU has surpassed many universities nationwide to build a strong reputation for itself. I believe that, with this unique management strategy and experience, DTU will achieve even more success in contributing to Vietnam’s educational objectives.”  
Mr. Phung Tan Viet addresses the ceremony
Congratulating DTU, Mr. Phung Tan Viet, Deputy-Chairman of the People’s Committee of Danang said: “As the largest private university in the Central Region, with its long-term strategy, DTU is expanding opportunities worldwide. Over 19 years of development, DTU has built a strong reputation nationally and internationally, which attracts a larger number of students, year by year. Danang always supports the expansion of DTU, as its steady growth will continue to create more job opportunities and boost the development of Danang in the future.” Since its inception, DTU has tried to satisfy the expectations of local government and education leaders and made sustained efforts to develop rapidly and achieve higher standards. This can be seen in the significant achievements of DTU in the academic year 2012 -2013. Dr. Vo Thanh Hai, DTU Vice-Provost, made a report on the achievements of 2012-2013: DTU met the enrollment target set by MOET and at the same time restructured the academic programs based on practical experience. Presently, more than 40% of academic subjects are taught based on advanced international programs. Ten of these successful programs were established in conjunction with three leading American universities, namely Carnegie Mellon University, Penn State University and California State University. Many topics of all types have published by DTU researchers. DTU students have also enhanced the reputation of DTU by their outstanding achievements. They received many valuable prizes in the XXI Mathematics Olympiad and National Physics Olympiad. Two DTU Robocon teams entered the finals of the 2013 Vietnam Robocon Contest and won prizes for the Best Hand-Controlled Robot and the Best Automatic Robot. DTU students won the 2013 CDIO Cup at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute Technology. DTU was approved by MOET to offer a Master’s program in Construction and PhD programs in Business Management and Computer Science. These are the fruits of over 19 years of sustained efforts and dedication of DTU to enhance its quality of education, in line with its doctrine: "Humanitarian Teaching Methods Interrelated with Practical Experience".
Professor Dr. Bui Van Ga and Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co present certificates of merit to outstanding individuals
At the ceremony, MOET commended and rewarded ten outstanding DTU members in the academic year 2011-2012. DTU granted certificates of merit and awards to groups of staff, lecturers and students who won the 2013 CDIO Cup and other awards. 2012-2013 was a turning-point for the development of research at DTU. A staff of young, dynamic, dedicated researchers, with international degrees obtained from abroad made a strong contribution to research activities at DTU. Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co presented certificates to nine outstanding individuals. On this occasion also, Dr. Le Nguyen Bao, DTU Vice-Provost, deployed plans for the implementation of CDIO and PBL in 2013-2014.

Honored to receive the MOET award, Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co emphasized that it was the humanitarian leadership of the DTU staff and lecturers that has resulted in such great achievements recently. “To provide the community with a highly-qualified labor workforce, we not only need to improve our teaching quality but also teach our students how think positively. The DTU Management Board, the Party and the Board of Provosts always care deeply about the lives of DTU staff and lecturer, to encourage them to make the most of their abilities and dedicate themselves to their teaching careers. I expect all of us to try harder in both teaching and research in order to merit and preserve the honorable MOET awards, and steadily increase our academic standards to meet and exceed the expectations of the education sector of Danang city.”

Successful achievements of the goals of the DTU President and Provosts depend heavily on the determination of each of DTU staff and lecturer to succeed individually. Hopefully, the many awards and prizes received in 2012-2013 will motivate DTU even further to rise to even greater heights in the very near future.

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