DTU with Learning Express, On the Road to ASEAN Integration

In preparation for admission to the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015, ten countries have been working hard to create an open and dynamic environment. Their educational systems offer broad opportunities to access advanced technologies, experience real-life issues and improve awareness of community development and other cultures. Learning Express, initiated by Singapore Polytechnic in 2011, is an innovative international social program. Having understood the important role of Learning Express in promoting educational integration, many local educational institutions have actively joined the program, including Duy Tan University.

A discussion between students of DTU and Singapore Polytechnic

Since joining Learning Express in 2012, DTU has made much progress in expanding its comprehensive collaborations with partners, particularly with Singapore Polytechnic.

In 2012, the DTU IDEERS Team finished in the top 10 finalists, out of 102 teams, in a competition entitled “Introducing and Demonstrating Earthquake Engineering Research in Schools”, held in Taiwan. A year later, the DTU team surpassed 100 other Asia Pacific teams to make it into the top three finalists, and won a Consolation prize.
Students of DTU and Singapore Polytechnic also conducted a project called “Solar and Battery-Powered Alphabet Blocks”, which won second prize at the CDIO Academy in 2013. DTU also won the 2013 CDIO cup with their project “A Low Cost Do-It-Yourself Water-Filtering System for Farmers”. Winning such prestigious awards in big international competitions demonstrates the talent and spirit of DTU students in the age of global integration.

Students of DTU and Singapore Polytechnic

Duy Tan University, Singapore Polytechnic, the Kanazawa Technology of Japan and the Universities of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta and Pembanggunaan Nasional Veteran Yogyskarta, from Indonesia, took part in a Learning Express forum in Yogyakarta from the 3rd to 21st of March, 2013. Mr. Le Huu Luat, Le Nguyen Trung Thanh and Phan Thanh Lap of DTU, with two lecturers and seven students from Singapore Polytechnic conducted a project entitled “Improving the Quality of the Cassava Plant and Production Process in Kradenen and Polengan Villages”.

Mr. Le Huu Luat said: “The Learning Express program is a short-term course combining theoretical and practical experience. It provides students with the skills to plan a community project by applying the four steps of the Design Thinking method: observing and defining the problem in a practical environment; researching requirements based on survey and analysis; developing ideas from the basic requirements; refining the ideas through models, getting feedback and finalizing the models and ideas”.

Le Nguyen Trung Thanh said: "The trip was very important because it helped all of us to supplement what we have been studying in our courses, and develop our team-work and real-time experience. These field-trips advance my maturity.”

In early 2014, DTU and the Singapore Polytechnic continue to conduct several new projects involving pollution treatment and environmental protection. These include the production of biodiesel fuel from waste cooking oil, the development of high productivity systems for shrimp farming using automatic water quality control, the construction of a mobile system for oil stretching treatment and the production of green brick, without baking. In March 2014, after studying the latest technology at Singapore Polytechnic, a delegation will arrive in Vietnam to implement these projects with DTU at several industrial parks and villages.   

Dr. Nguyen Chien Thang, Dean of DTU Architecture, said: "Learning Express is a powerful ally for students majoring in Business, Mechanics and Aviation Technology, Electricity and Electronics, IT and Communications, Tourism and so on to enjoy the cultural exchange while improving their knowledge, teamwork and awareness of community development. In particular, they work and live with groups of partners coming from many other countries, to investigate comprehensive solutions that address the concerns, needs and hopes of our community."

DTU faculty and students will fly to Indonesia to take part in two Learning Express forums in March 2014. Joining Learning Express is an international strategic step which demonstrates the pioneering role of DTU in terms of training for global integration.

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