DTU Enters the Top 4 at the 2014 National Architecture Student Festival

With their fine observation, knowledge and appreciation of arts and design, prospective graduates of the DTU Architecture Faculty won a collection of valuable prizes at the 9th National Architecture Student Festival, held in Binh Duong province from April 11th to 13th.

Ðoàn sinh viên Duy Tân tham d? Festival Sinh viên Ki?n trúc Toàn qu?c 2014
DTU students at the 2014 National Architecture Festival
The DTU team won fourteen awards, including three firsts, one second, six thirds and four consolations prizes to reach the top four at the 9th National Architecture Student Festival, despite the fact that they had fewer contestants than others. The top teams included:
1. Hanoi Architectural University
2. Phuong Dong University
3. The Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture
4. Duy Tan University

With the theme: ”Flowers of Our Capital Land”, the 9th National Architecture Student Festival, organized by the Vietnam Architectural Association attracted more than five hundred students and ninety lecturers from nineteen universities nationwide. This year’s festival was made up of eight different competitions for students from the 1st to the 5th grade, including (1) the Display of the participating university, (2) A Sculpture, (3) A Mosaic, (4) A sketch, (5) The Lens of an Ant, (6) Structural ideas, (7) The Emotions of an Ant, and (8) the Fighting Ant.
With their strong abilities and sharp perceptions, the DTU students overwhelmed other universities from the Central Region, including the Danang University of Technology, (13 prizes) Hue University (11), and the Danang Architectural University (7).
Bài thi: Cu và M?i - Gi?i Nh?t Ý tu?ng Ki?n trúc nam 2-3 c?a Duy Tân
With “Old and New” artwork, DTU won first prize for an Architectural Idea
In “the Lens of an Ant” competition, Ho Thu Thanh Thu, a student of K17KTR2 in the DTU Faculty of Architecture, won two important awards, including a first prize for “Passing the Fire” artwork and a consolation prize for “Agreement”. Another consolation prize was awarded to Le Binh Nam, a DTU K17KTR4 student.

For the topic “Public Convenience Design and Construction”, for 2nd and 3rd year students, Nguyen Quang Vien, of DTU K18KTR2, won first prize; Bui Duc Truong of DTU K18KTN came second, and Tram Duc Cuong of DTU K17KTR2, and Vo Ngoc Tan of DTU K17KTR4 came third.

For the topic: “To Plan and Transform Traditional Crafts” for 4th and 5th year students, the clever artwork of Doan Thuong Thi of DTU K16KTR1 was scored high and won first prize. Pham Van Chat and Phan Tuan Anh of DTU K16KTR2 came third.
Another third prize was awarded to Nguyen Van Quy of DTU K17KTR4 with artwork entitled “Sunrise at Pottery village”. Le Binh Nam of DTU K17KTR4 gained a consolation prize in the sketching competition.

DTU students also won a several prizes in the Architectural Ideas competition.
Ho Thu Thanh Thu, who won a first and a consolation prize, said: “Mastering design principles, the lay-out and sharp perception helped the DTU architecture students to win many valuable prizes at the festival. We are very happy because DTU has provided us with the knowledge and opportunity to gain real-time experience and also instilled in us the aspiration and love for meaningful careers and lives. This is great encouragement for us to design amazing structures.”
The fourteen prizes won by DTU at the festival have justified the direction in education strategy and teaching methods practiced at DTU.  
As a part of the 2014 university entrance exam, DTU will hold an art contest for candidates enrolling in Architecture on July 29th and 30th. This will provide a good opportunity for those who choose to study Architecture at DTU.
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