Microsoft’s Worldwide General Manager Visits DTU

On June 9th, Microsoft’s Worldwide General Manager of Developer and Platform Engagement and the Microsoft, Mr. Joe Wilson, and his senior management team visited DTU, talked to DTU students and inaugurated the DTU Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC). Danang is recognized as a leader in IT application development, so the partnership between DTU and Microsoft will provide an excellent opportunity for IT aficionados to make their dreams true.

Joe Wilson giao luu v?i sinh viên Duy Tân
Mr. Wilson talks to DTU students
As leader in developer and platform engagement in a company which operates over 100 countries, Mr. Wilson has the responsibility for recruiting skilled staff, collaborating with software suppliers and meeting with millions of customers and partners every year, in order to develop new applications across the Microsoft platform. During his visit to DTU, he explained Microsoft’s development strategies to hundreds of IT students. He said: "Microsoft is developing and making changes in a very special way. To be successful, we always look for IT staff that is inspired, innovative and willing to take risks. Vietnamese developers are very creative, hard-working and ambitious. Microsoft expects to collaborate with DTU on the implementation of projects which focus on quantity, quality and creativity. I believe that, with your modern facilities and innovation in IT training and development, DTU will become a leading university in Vietnam. We hope there will be much work for DTU and Microsoft to collaborate on in the near future.”
Khai truong Trung tâm Sáng t?o Microsoft t?i ÐH Duy Tân
The Grand Opening of the DTU Microsoft Innovation Center
Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, DTU President and Provost, outlined the steps DTU has taken to improve its quality of education and to promote IT development. He said: “Approximately 20,000 students so far have acquired basic IT skills at DTU. Recognizing the vital role that IT plays in laying a foundation for the dynamic development of educational standards, DTU has signed partnership agreements with many well-known universities worldwide, in order to implement internationally standardized academic programs. Our collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), one of the top four American universities in IT, has brought significant benefits to the development of IT at DTU. DTU has also partnered with many high-tech parks in Vietnam to provide a highly-qualified workforce for local companies. DTU is delighted to achieve early success by collaborating with Microsoft to develop the Microsoft IT Academy and to host HACKATHON 2014. We are expecting that the partnership with Microsoft will help DTU progress and contribute to the development of IT globally.”

Currently, in collaboration with DTU, Microsoft is conducting two projects, namely Application Development on Microsoft’s storage and Microsoft Innovation Center, aiming to cultivate and stimulate innovative ideas, based on Microsoft’s technology. In addition, Microsoft chose DTU to host HACKATHON 2014 on May 17th and 18th, which is the first time the competition has been held in the Central region. Pham Van Thu, a member of the DTU Lucky P team, won first prize in the Windows Phone 8 section with his Road Construction project, which was then sent to Microsoft for its evaluation as an international product, for further awards. Mr. Pham Kim Son, Director of the Danang Department of Information and Communications, said: “Presently, Danang has six IT parks, four of which are for software development. With this strong growth, IT will become the key driving force behind the development of all local businesses and services, resulting in the improvement of living standards in Danang and the region. So the partnership between DTU and Microsoft to establish the MIC in Danang encourage and develop the skills which are essential to the future development of IT.”
When the Innovation Center comes into operation, it will begin developing several new projects, including programming for Microsoft, and the development of creative ideas and solutions by faculty and students. It will provide the opportunity for students, locally and nationwide, to access Microsoft’s latest technology. The opening of MIC initiates a partnership between DTU and Microsoft which will serve also as a bridge for the organization of annual national and international competitions hosted by Microsoft, such as the 2014 Mobile Hackathon, the Microsoft Image Cup, the Microsoft Office Specialist competitions and others. The collaboration with Microsoft will be a driving force for DTU to become more innovative and make innovative technological concepts become realities.
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